Today we took Betka for an ultrasound. It was no surprise to us that the pregnancy was confirmed 😍, because we could barely keep track of how many times Yukin humpet her (both had really big appetite 🙊).

Misaki has a week before giving birth and the general nervousness of the pack is already known. She is trying to make space for her puppies. We try to provide her with as much comfort as possible so that she does not have to deal with "things" in the pack but it does not always work. She doesn't want to...

09 - 10.04.2022 the National Dog Show in Brno. We wanted to register for the show, but the fact that we had no one to show off discouraged us 😂
After the show we found our that Yuki's daughter from the autumn litter Gemmei Prima Nova (F: Bašó Imagine Mandava Kennel M: Tamika Prima Nova) was there.

Our first mating of Misaki with our dog Yuki was quite interesting and crazy, so we didn't even expect her to get pregnant. Anyway, we went for an ultrasound just in case.