About us 

We started thinking about buying a dog around 2014. When looking for a suitable breed, we primarily focused on size, health and temperament. We wanted a companion who would motivate us to move, walk and do outdoor activities. After a long and thorough decision, it was clear that our first dog will be Shiba. It is a medium-sized breed that can be bred in a city apartment, does not suffer from health deficits caused by breeding and is interesting in nature, although a little more demanding for training. He can reward love with loyalty and yet show his independence and individualism.

In 2016 Yuki from the Imagine Mandava kennel moved in. Yuki's name according to the pedigree is Bašó, because at that time we did not know that dogs have names assigned alphabetically according to the order of litters in the kennel, so the letter B indicates the second litter of the kennel. When Yuki was 9 months old, we participated in our first dog show, and because we liked it, we started attending other shows.
In 2018 we moved to the countryside to a family house with a garden. It became clear that one dog in the garden was a bit alone, so we decided to get a friend. And since two Shiba dogs in one garden are not exactly "friends", a "girlfriend" was acquired.
In the spring of 2020, Misaki from the kennel Bezdrevská perla moved in. At first, Yuki wasn't entirely sure how to embrace a new member of the pack, and for weeks he seemed a little... weird. But as Misaki was growing up, they began to form an inseparable couple.
In 2021 we founded the kennel Hanami Matsuri (reg. No. 751/21). In the spring of 2022, the second female Benten from the kennel Delen Solar moved in.
Our little pack currently consists of two females (Misaki and Betka) and one male (Yuki). We do not plan to expand breeding in the near future and we would like to remain a small kennel, where love for the Shiba-inu breed will always come first.