Baby boom


Today we took Betka for an ultrasound. It was no surprise to us that the pregnancy was confirmed 😍, because we could barely keep track of how many times Yukin humpet her (both had really big appetite 🙊).

What does this mean for us? We will have a lot of fun here for the next few months.

Betka's puppies should be born at the end of May so at that time we will have approximately one month old puppies from Misaki. I believe that the girls are going to make it just fine. Nobody knows what Yuki is going to do with all the puppies around. It will be a completely new experience for us and for him. Thankfully we have enough space in the house and each of the girls can have their own room where they have enough space 😊

And why the Baby Boom? Well because they told us at the vet that we should expect four to five puppies 🤣 of course we take this information a bit with a reserve, but we will probably have to prepare for more than one or two puppies 🙈