National dog show Ostrava in Brno 09.04.22 - 10.04.22


09 - 10.04.2022 the National Dog Show in Brno. We wanted to register for the show, but the fact that we had no one to show off discouraged us 😂
After the show we found our that Yuki's daughter from the autumn litter Gemmei Prima Nova (F: Bašó Imagine Mandava Kennel M: Tamika Prima Nova) was there.

Gemmei is not even 6 months old and she managed the pressure of the show very well 👌 and they could frame the testimonial from judge, because it is AMAZING !!! We are very proud of them and thank them many times 🥰

Gemmei Prima Nova - Puppy class - Very Promising 1 🙌🤩